Saturday, January 25, 2020
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DEAR Texas Radio is now closed.  We have grown over the years and are now Indie Beacon Radio.  You may click on any of the shows listed on our pages to learn about some great authors, or check them out on SoundCloud, iTunes or many other podcast services. Thank you for your support.

DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Texas Radio has its roots with KWVH 94.1 FM Wimberley Valley Radio where we began to produce an hour of entertainment and education by introducing the listener to Texas Authors and their books.  We had great success with getting people to learn about our authors, we broke the show into a half hour segment and added it to SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher and other streaming services. 

The show is co-Hosted by award winning authors B Alan BourgeoisAllan C Kimball, Arlene Gale, Roxanne Burkey, Caroline DeChavigny, Lorri Allen, Andrea Stehle and Denise Bryson.  Each will have a unique style that will keep listeners informed and entertained.

We will list each scheduled guest line-up on this page below with the newest show to the oldest in order for you to listen to at any time.  To see the previous show interviews, click here.

You can find us on SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher and many other podcast services.  Enjoy listening to what Texas Authors have created and why the wrote their books.

If you would like to be scheduled for a radio interview, please click here.