TEXAS—A group of Texas talented, motivating and innovative authors and educationists, who understand and believe that good education can only be achieved primarily through effective reading and writing, have gathered together with their experiences and expertise to create a platform for sensitization and mobilization of young Texans towards reading and writing. This platform is known as DEAR Texas.


DEAR Texas which connotes “Drop Everything And Read” is a state wide event that brings Texan authors and readers together. It is planned to celebrate and create in the memories of the people the consciousness that greatness as an individual or a nation depends on the ability to read and write.


DEAR Texas is established with the mandate to encourage people of all ages to read more and re-discover the fun, excitement and joy associated with learning new things through reading.  And this has been the driving force of the organization and it has yielded numerous fruits since its establishment.


This organization is holding the second edition of its annual celebration on the 16th and 17th of April, 2016. This forum creates room for authors to stand before the audience and introduce their books and also raise fund for the organizations literacy programs.


This is the time to act. Why not use this opportunity to get acquainted with the authors in your neighborhood and tap from their wealth of experiences. Why not be part of this crusade for the liberation of the younger generation? Why not contribute your on quota in this literacy programs and drop one book in the hands of one student in Texas. The time is now, pick your phone and call 512-210-0568 or log into the site http://DearTexas.info  for further details.  


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