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Friday, May 07, 2021
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DEAR Texas kicks off April 12

by DeAnn Holcomb

TEXAS – It’s the first ever “Drop Everything and Read Texas” Day, an event sponsored by the Texas Association of Authors, encouraging people of all ages to read. Based in Austin, the Texas Association of Authors organization hopes “Dear Texas” becomes an annual event as more than 86 Texas authors will appear in 30 bookstores across the state on Sunday, April 12, holding book signings and discussions on writing and being a published author.

“As the founder and director for Texas Association of Authors, I am constantly thinking of ways to help Texas Authors market their books, I know the value of getting additional publicity and how it can really help an author,” said B. Alan Bourgeois, Founder and Director of the Texas Association of Authors and Director of Bourgeois Media and Consulting. “As an author myself, and coming from the publishing world, I knew we needed something to help us compete in a market searches, and worked on various programs, I came across the concept that Harper Collins created for children (Drop Everything And Read) and like a proud Texan that I am, I added our special Texas touch to it and made it bigger and better for Texas.”

The Texas Association of Authors will receive proclamations from the cities of Austin and Round Rock on March 26 for the upcoming “Dear Texas” reading event.

“There are three goals for DEAR Texas, first to encourage people of ALL ages to read more because we as a society are losing readers to the TV, Electronics, etc., and that affects our creative and educational flow,” Bourgeois said. “Second, we need to give readers an opportunity to meet a fellow Texan that has written a book and for the Author an opportunity to introduce their book to people they may have not had a chance to reach before and third, with the money raised from the Barnes & Noble and Joe’s Crab Shack vouchers, we will be able to work with other literacy programs in Texas and bring more books and authors to schools, libraries and events, thus helping everyone grow.”

From Austin to Dallas, Tyler to Padre Island, authors across the state will be available at local bookstores such as Half Price Books and Barnes and Noble, not only for book signings but will also be holding discussions and sharing their experience of how they became a published author.

“Texas Authors, Inc., the nonprofit that was created for Texas Authors is all about improving people’s lives, the writers, the readers and the world as a whole,” Bourgeois said. “I believe with all my heart that my hard work will in some way do just that…help people grow. So far, I have been blessed to see some authors already improve and become better at what they do, and for some to even become recognized for their accomplishments. Giving people an opportunity and the tools to be the best they can be is a reward within itself.”

For more information go to for participating authors and bookstore locations.



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