Dear Texas 

Malvern Books

613 West 29th Street
Austin, TX 78705
Ph: 512-322-2097

April 12 - 1 to 6 PM

Winners from the 2015 TxAuthors Book Contest will be appearing at Malvern Books.  Each author will read from their book and then be available to autograph their book purchased at the event.

In order of Reading starting at 1:15 PM

Art Anthony - Return to Sulphur River - Best Western Fiction

JC Hulsey - The Traveler Series - Best Wetern Series Fiction

Jeffery A Mays - The Former Hero - Best Suspense/Thriller Fiction

David Alkek - The Doorway - Best General Poetry

Jan Sikes - Convict and the Rose - Best Biography Fiction

Andrea Stahle - Gods of Arcadia - Best Fantasy Sci/Fi Fiction

RC Knipstein - Paradise Forbidden - Best General Fiction

Kimberly E M Beasley - Revelations of the Heart - Best Spiritual Poetry

Maryann Miller - Doubletake - Best Mystery Fiction

Mary B Stafford - A Wasp in a Fig Tree - Best Historical Fiction